The philosophy of the Traditional House of East Kalimantan

Traditional House of East Kalimantan – East Kalimantan is a region that has unique characteristics in terms of culture. Various traditional clothes and famous tribes such as the Dayak have become an inherent identity and are remembered in the name of East Kalimantan.

But apart from that, there are other types of culture that remain attached to this day. The culture is Traditional House of East Kalimantan. Traditional House of East Kalimantan is called Rumah Lamin. In fact, this house originally belonged to the Dayak Kenyahk tribe

Then it was designated as a traditional house by the government in 1967. If you just glance at it, Rumah Lamin looks very big and spacious. A house floor that looks very spacious, of course, can be occupied by many people.

Rumah Lamin has its own philosophical values ​​that lie in its parts. Typical carvings on the walls, fences, stairs, and other parts of the house that have a philosophical value of luck as a repellent to reinforcements.

The philosophy of the Traditional House of East Kalimantan

ꭤnother philosophicꭤl vꭤlue is the lꭤrge size of the building, which shows the Dꭤyꭤk people ꭤs ꭤ society who live together ꭤnd in mutuꭤl cooperꭤtion.

Seeing the chꭤrꭤcter of Rumꭤh Lꭤmin which hꭤs ꭤ very lꭤrge size ꭤnd width, of course, mꭤkes you curious to find out more deeply.

The building with ꭤ very lꭤrge size holds vꭤrious question mꭤrks ꭤbout how the chꭤrꭤcteristics of ꭤ typicꭤl Lꭤmin House ꭤre. For thꭤt, we will explꭤin the chꭤrꭤcteristics of Rumꭤh Lꭤmin ꭤs Traditional House of East Kalimantan ꭤs follows:


The Characteristics Of The Lamin Traditional House Are So Unique



Traditional House of East Kalimantan

Rumah Lamin is a type of traditional house that has an external image of a house made like a stage. The floor of the Laminate House is on a large number of cylindrical pillars or tubes scattered at the bottom of the building.

The size of this house is 300 m x 15 m x 3 m and can accommodate a very large number of people, up to 100 people. Overall, Rumah Lamin is made of ironwood which is a typical wood from Kalimantan Island which is known to be very strong and resistant to weathering.

This ironwood when exposed to water, it will become stronger until it is like iron. Rumah Lamin also has a ladder that leads visitors to the floor of the house. In addition to the several pillars that support the floor of the house, there are also poles that support the roof of the house with the same manufacturing material.

Those are some of the characteristics of Rumah Lamin as Traditional House of East Kalimantan which is magnificent and spacious. The distinctive style of the house will be further described in the characteristics of Rumah Lamin.

By knowing its characteristics, of course, a comprehensive description of Rumah Lamin as Traditional House of East Kalimantan will be obtained. Here are the characteristics of Traditional House of East Kalimantan that are interesting to know.

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Typical Characteristics of Lamin Homes As Traditional House of East Kalimantan

There are several Traditional House of East Kalimantan characteristics that are interesting to know, namely:

Construction Materials

The construction materials used are ironwood, which can only be found in Kalimantan forests. Ironwood is the best wood and is very strong, and does not rot easily.

Then when exposed to water, this wood gets harder and stronger like iron. Because of this, many people call it ironwood, which can be effectively used for floor and wall supports.

There is a carving

The first and prominent feature of Traditional House of East Kalimantan is the beautiful ethnic carvings of meaningful images. The carved images usually have the motifs of living things

Such as the appearance of human faces, plants, animals, etc. According to local belief, the carvings made can protect the family who occupies it from the dangers of black magic that sometimes attacks.

Room division

The room in the Lanin House is divided into 3 rooms, namely the living room, bedroom and kitchen. The form of a living room is a long, empty space that is used as a place to receive guests or a traditional meeting room.

Typical Color

Rumah Lamin is characterized by contrasting colors and is able to decorate the base of the walls. Yellow, red, black, blue, and white are the main colors that are often used in architecture

In a philosophical sense, red is a symbol of courage, yellow is a symbol of dignity, white is a symbol of cleanliness of the soul, and black is a symbol of shade.

Stairs and under the house

The stairs in the Lanin House are used to take guests / visitors to the floor of the house. Because the shape is a stage, it is necessary to use a ladder to connect it to the ground. The ladder is also made of ironwood, so it is not easy to rot or be eaten by termites

Meanwhile, under the house is an open space under the house that is squeezed by the supporting poles that are scattered along the bottom floor of the house. Under the house is usually used as a cage for cows, goats, or horses. This under house is also often used as a granary for rice.

Home Accessories

Every house has home accessories, thus Rumah Lamin. Home accessories that are owned in general are certain ornaments and crafts made of wood.

Other accessories that you have can be in the form of materials made of metal, such as gold jars, weapons, etc. For the ancient Dayak people, they added statues of gods which they believed to be the guardians of the house from calamities.

Those are some of the Traditional House of East Kalimantan traits that are unique and interesting to know about. A typical traditional house with a majestic and broad physical form certainly has cultural significance.

This culture certainly makes East Kalimantan one of the areas in Indonesia that is thick with culture. Traditional House of East Kalimantan needs to be preserved together in order to remain a major icon for the East Kalimantan region.

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