Toraja Traditional House

Toraja Traditional House – Tana Toraja is very famous for the customs that bind the Toraja indigenous community. There are various traditional ceremonies that you can find when you visit Toraja.

Starting from the Rambu Solo ceremony where the ceremony is a typical funeral ceremony for Tana Toraja. So Toraja becomes a unique place with thick cultural diversity.

Not to mention the Toraja Tongkonan Traditional House that holds many mysteries. Located in the Province of South Sulawesi, Tana Toraja Regency has the capital of Makale Regency, a traditional ceremonial mysticism which is an attraction on Tana Toraja earth.

Toraja Traditional House Name 

The Toraja traditional house called Rumah Tongkonan is reportedly used to store the bodies of family members and also succeed in stealing the hearts of tourists to foreign countries. You can find the hustle and bustle of traditional activities passed down from generation to generation during a visit to Tana Toraja.

The Toraja traditional house has a unique shape that characterizes Tana Toraja’s uniqueness. What is the uniqueness of Toraja traditional houses that are popular to foreign countries? Here are the reviews for you:

The Meaning of Tongkonan Words 

Do you know what the meaning of the Tongkonan House is? Tongkonan is taken from the word “Tongkon” which, when interpreted in Indonesian, means “to sit” or “seat”.

At first the Tongkonan House was only used as a place for the gathering of the Tana Toraja nobles. Until finally it could develop into a Toraja traditional house named Rumah Tongkonan.

Components of Tongkonan Traditional House

Toraja Traditional House 1

The components of the Toraja Tongkonan traditional house are the same as most other traditional Indonesian traditional houses, which are made of wood. Rumah Tongkonan is usually made of uru wood which is a strong wood.

a. Tongkonan House Wall 

You need to know the unique Tongkonan traditional house does not use iron at all in making the building. So do not use nails at all in the making of this Toraja traditional house.

b. Tongkonan roof 

The roof is made of bamboo with a unique shape resembling a boat which has a reminder that long ago the ancestors of the Tana Toraja people crossed Sulawesi by boat.

Wall Symbols and Social Status of the Toraja Community 

The Toraja Tongkonan traditional house in addition to functioning as a shelter also describes the social status of the Toraja people. You will find many buffalo heads and their horns displayed on the main pillars of each Tongkonan House.

The more buffalo horns mounted on the main pole of the Tongkonan House will illustrate the higher social status of the family in the lives of the local community.

The Meaning of House Tongkonan Color 

A house is certainly not complete if it is not decorated with beautiful colors on its walls. But unlike the modern house you live in today, the Toraja Tokonan traditional house has a meaning in every color that is painted sweetly on every wall. Tongkonan traditional house has four basic colors to decorate the house, each color has its own meaning.

  • Red. First the red color symbolizes blood which means human life.
  • Yellow. For the yellow color symbolizes grace and power from God.
  • White color. Whereas the white color depicts the color of the flesh and also the bones which means holy clean.
  • Black. The last color in black symbolizes death and darkness. Complete already, what about the meaning of the color of your home?

Division of Tongkonan House Room 


Toraja traditional house The Tongkonan house has three parts of houses covering the northern part, the middle part, and the last is the southern part. The Tongkonan house for the people of Tana Toraja is not only a place to sleep but is also regarded as their mother.

In addition to the Tana Toraja community home also has “Alang Sura” or commonly known as rice barns. Alang sura is like a father for the people of Tana Toraja. Building Toraja traditional house Rumah Tongkonan in general always faces north which is believed their ancestors came from the north and will return to the north.

a. The north

In the urata section or commonly called the “Tengolak” section, you will find a living room, a bed for children, as well as a place to put offerings. When you visit Tongkonan House, the first room you will enter is this Tengolak section.

b. South Room

“Sumbung” room or South room is a room for the head of the family. The head of the family is a leader in a family who has an important role and is highly respected. All activities or rules in the family, a family head has a big hand in this matter.

c. Central room

The next Tongkonan House room is the middle part or commonly called “Sali”. You will find the bodies of family members who have died in this room.

Besides that, Sali also functions as a dining room, kitchen, and family meeting room. Uniquely, surviving family members are not afraid of the bodies of deceased family members.

Utilization of Under the Tongkonan House 

Formerly under the House Tongkonan commonly used as a buffalo cage for homeowners. The shape of the Toraja traditional house that resembles a stilt house is modified to be stretched so that it can be used as a fence for the walls of the underneath enclosure in the Tongkonan House.

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Type of Toraja Traditional Houses 

You can know the Toraja traditional house is not only the Tongkonan House. The Tana Toraja community has two types of houses. Two types of houses are owned by the Tongkonan tribe, the first as explained earlier, the Tongkonan House. The second is the Banua Barung-Barung house or commonly known as private homes and ordinary houses.

The Tongkonan House is a Toraja traditional house that is still held firmly by the Tana Toraja community to this day. Starting from the roof to the base of the Toraja traditional house, the Tongkonan House does not escape the meaning that signifies that the community.

The Land of Toraja still upholds the culture inherited from their ancestors. Take your free time and beloved family to visit Tana Toraja which is still thick with traditional culture.


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    The Toraja traditional house called Rumah Tongkonan is reportedly used to store the bodies of family members and also succeed in stealing the hearts of tourists to foreign countries.


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