Get to know the Sasak Tribe Customs

Sasak Tribe – Indonesia is famous for its diverse culture and traditions, one of which is in Sade Village, Central Lombok living Sasak Tribe. The city is located in the Rambitan area near the city center. For those of you who want to visit this city, you do not need to be confused.

Because the distance between Sade Village and Lombok International Airport is only about 20 minutes. Locals do not shut themselves off from visitors. They are usually open to visitors who want to stand in their place.

Indirectly, Sade Village is currently one of the tourist attractions in Lombok. To attract the interest of visitors, the community maintains the authenticity of the house building.

Custom Sasak Tribe

The city is famous for its dense culture to this day. Sasak Tribe Public health is still a matter of nature. The city has a population of about 700.

With only 150 houses, the construction of houses in the village is also relatively simple among the other villages. The surrounding community calls their area a bale.

Bale Type

Build Sasak Tribe has three types of writers with different functions in each ball. The Bale Bonter is a house used as a residence for officials.

Bale Kodong is a house used as a place for newlyweds and parents who want to spend their years. The last one is Bale Tani, a place often used as a residence for those who are married and have children.

Distribution of House Bale

Bale or what is commonly called a house by ordinary people has two rooms, each with a different function. The first is the outdoor bar or so-called living room. This place is often used for hospitality and a bedroom.

Because the right front room is used as a bed for dad and mom. While the left side is used as a man’s bed and on it there is also a shelf that works to keep the heirs.

In the interior, it serves as a women’s bedroom, a private space and is also used as a maternity ward. This room is located above the outer bar. In the middle of the house, there are three steps that act as a link between the outer and inner spaces.

The order of the stairs can be interpreted as follows, meaning that the first line is portrayed as Almighty God, the second line is represented as the mother, and the last is symbolized by the father.

Rice Granary Section

In the village there is also a barley-shaped rice kraal, which serves to store rice supplies after harvest time. This granary also has a structure very different from the bale structure.

The building has a palm-fringed roof, and the base is made of clay mixed with rice husks. Usually people clean the floor once a week or during traditional ceremonies.

They clean it with fresh buffalo dung by crushing it. Although concentrated using buffalo dung, the floor does not leave a distinct odor after it has dried.

In addition, they believe that buffalo dung can repel insects and that magic is directed at the homeowner.

Departmental Structure

The shape of the door decoration in Sasak Tribe is almost identical to the shape of a human leaf in Central Java. When the door is shorter than a house construction. It has a philosophy that the guest must bow his head in honor of the landlord.

Home building

Another census practice is the location of houses attached to each gate with a connecting mechanism. In addition, most homes are about the size of a simple home.


Most people Sasak Tribe subsistence farming. However, since the introduction of local culture, mothers have worked as weavers. Usually they knit in front of the house using beds.

In addition, girls in the village were taught to weave when they were ten years old. Even those who cannot weave are not allowed to marry. Therefore, weaving handicrafts has a high sales value because the production process usually takes a long time. Woven fabric is also used as lobola for weddings.


Sasak Tribe there are very unique traditions that occur in this Sasak Tribe. The people of Sade village allow their daughters to marry at the age of 14, and boys are allowed to marry at the age of 19, a custom of young marriage is one of the distinctions of this nation.

There every married woman will be kidnapped by the groom for three days. According to the tradition of the captives, they lived with only their relatives. Most importantly the bride and groom are out of the house. This is to honor the traditions of the ancestors still practiced by the people around them.


So far, Sasak Tribe they still believe in animism. However, don’t get me wrong, because this nation is one of the most devout followers of Islam. Once a week, to put it bluntly, on Wednesday.

They will visit the tombs of the ancestors who have spread Islam in their area. It is not surprising that when you visit the valley of Sade you will see great temples.

That is one of the traditions held by Sasak Tribe. There are many different cultures that reflect the richness of the Indonesian people in the Sasak Tribe.

We must protect and preserve the wealth and cultural heritage of our ancestors so that we do not forget where we came from.

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