Makassar and tourist attractions

Makassar is famous for its special culinary, banana epe and coto has various tourist attractions in beautiful Makassar. Located on the coast of Sulawesi Island, this city is popular with Losari Beach. But it turns out Makassar still has a variety of mainstay tourist attractions, ranging from beaches to highlands. Do not let while in Makassar, you do not know where to go. So that you don’t regret missing out on interesting things when you visit Makassar, the following tourist attractions in Makassar must be included in your holiday agenda:

Losari Beach

Makassar and tourist attractions

Stopping by the beach on Jalan Penghibur has become a mandatory activity for every visitor who comes to Makassar. The mainstay attractions have their own uniqueness. If the beach is usually known for its sand, Losari Beach has no sand. If you come, you will find concrete at the edges. There is no sand does not mean this beach is not worth visiting, there are many other interesting things from this tourist spot. Here, you can do lots of fun things like fishing, riding a water bike or banana boat, sailing by boat and much more. What other interesting things about a tourist attraction? Of course the culinary.

There are many typical culinary offerings of Makassar that you can enjoy here, ranging from banana epe, coto, konro soup to pallu butung ice. Losari Beach is not only an icon of the city of Makassar, but also a favorite tourist destination for families in Makassar and surrounding areas. This tourist spot in Makassar is crowded every day, especially on weekends. In the morning, many make it as a jogging track, while in the afternoon, many are waiting for the moment of sunset while having a culinary tour here.

Fort Rotterdam

Makassar and tourist attractions

Fort Rotterdam or Fort Rotterdam is not far from the Losari Beach area. The castle is one of the historical monuments of the Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo built in 1545 by the 9th king. At first, the castle was built using clay and egg whites, until then the building was perfected by the 14th king. Read the full discussion on Fort Rotterdam: Fort Rotterdam – Historical Attraction in Makassar When viewed from above, the shape of this fort resembles a turtle that is crawling towards the sea. Sea turtles are chosen because these animals can live in water and on land, this is in accordance with the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom that prevails in the sea and land. The shape of the animal which is also a symbol of Indonesian culture, especially the kingdom of Gowa.

The initial name of this fort was ‘Ujungpandang Fortress’ until the time the fort fell into Dutch hands and changed its name to Fort Rotterdam. The name has been popular until now . In the Dutch era, the fort was used as a storage area for spoils spoiled from eastern Indonesia. Inside the fort complex, there are 13 buildings and five towers with a tower at the entrance, while four other towers are in each corner of the fort area. There is also a museum called the La Galigo Museum which contains a collection of objects left over from the greatness of the kingdom. In addition, there is a room that is believed to be a place of exile in Prince Diponegoro.

Trans Studio Makassar

Makassar and tourist attractions

Trans Studio Makassar has become an icon of modern tourist attractions in the city. Opened on May 20, 2009, Trans Studio stands on an area of ​​2.7 hectares. In it, there are 21 rides and game zone sites namely Studio Central, Cartoon City, Lost City, and Magic Corner. This tourist attraction is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00, except on weekends and national holidays, Trans Studio Makassar is open until 21:00.

Bantimurung National Park

Makassar and tourist attractions

Bantimurung National Park is located in Maros Regency or around 45 km from Makassar city center. This tourist area covers 43,750 hectares with its territory encompassing limestone hills, waterfalls and caves. This national park was first discovered by a botanist from England, Alfred Russel Wallace. At that time, Wallace called this place the kingdom of butterflies because there were about 250 species of butterflies here. The butterfly is indeed a mascot for this tourist spot. At the entrance to the Bantimurung National Park, there is a giant butterfly statue ready to welcome visitors who come. Here, you can see various types of butterflies ranging from those that are still caterpillars, cocoons to turn into beautiful butterflies. There is also a collection of butterflies that have been preserved. Another exciting thing you can do is play flying fox, swim in the pool that has been provided, play under waterfalls or explore caves in the region.

Taka Bonerate Marine Park

Makassar and tourist attractions

This marine park is located in the city of Benteng, Selayar Islands which is 173 km from the city of Makassar. This tourist spot is a paradise for divers and those of you who like to snorkel. When diving, you can swim with hundreds of species of fish, turtles and turtles. The beauty of the coral reefs also makes you more comfortable to linger diving here. The best time to dive in this marine park is between April – May. At that time, the flow and temperature of water and various other supporting factors were in good condition so that the visibility when diving became perfect. To dive in this tourist spot, you need to get permission from the National Park Authority by carrying a valid identity card.


Makassar and tourist attractions

Malino is a tourist spot in Makassar which is in the highlands and offers a distinctive panorama of the mountains. The site is located about 90 miles [90 km] from the center of Makassar. During the trip to Malino, you will pass a beautiful view of pine forests and limestone. Malino is located at an altitude of 6,000 feet [1,050 m] above sea level. The temperature here ranges from 10-26 degrees Celsius, don’t forget to bring your jacket and warm clothes. This area has been famous since the Dutch era and made their favorite tourist spot. Here, there are many beautiful waterfalls such as a thousand stairs and the waterfalls of Takapala. In addition, there are tea gardens, blue valleys, and Japanese underground rooms. Before going home, take the time to buy souvenirs typical of these tourist attractions such as sticky rice dodol, passion fruit and also apples.

Tanjung Bira

Makassar and tourist attractions

This beach is quite far which is about 200 km from the city of Makassar. This distance will not mean when you have set foot on the sand. Tanjung Bira is famous for its soft, white sand and baby powder and its clear blue water. The beauty of this tourist spot is not only known by domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. They used to swim, sunbathe, snorkel or just sit and enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset. If you forget to bring a snorkel tool, you can also rent it. There are also motorbikes that are rented per day to get around this beach area. The facilities here are quite complete, starting from the inn, restaurant and also the bathroom to clean yourself after swimming.

Lake Tempe

Makassar and tourist attractions

The lake, located in the western part of Wajo Regency, is said to be the largest producer of fresh fish in the world. The distance between Wajo and Makassar is around 144 km. Above the lake, there are many floating houses owned by local fishermen with nets that are used to catch fish. In this tourist spot, you can fish or go around by renting a fishing boat. In addition, you can also buy fresh fish and vegetables grown around the lake. Every August 23, an annual ritual is held here to purify the lake called Maccera Tappareng. The chief fisherman will slaughter a cow, after that there will be many arts and cultural performances and various competitions.

The lake, located in the western part of Wajo Regency, is said to be the largest producer of fresh fish in the world. Above the lake, there are many floating houses owned by local fishermen with nets that are used to catch fish. In this tourist spot, you can fish or go around by renting a fishing boat. In addition, you can also buy fresh fish and vegetables grown around the lake. Every August 23, an annual ritual is held here to purify the lake called Maccera Tappareng. The chief fisherman will slaughter a cow, after that there will be many arts and cultural performances and various competitions.

Lejja Hot Springs

Makassar and tourist attractions

This hot spring is located in a protected forest area in Marioriawa District, Soppeng Regency. The distance from Makassar to Soppeng is about 156 km. The view around the bathing pool is very beautiful with lots of shady trees and cool air. There is also a gazebo that is rented every two hours. In this tourist spot, there are five ponds with varying depths and sizes of temperature. The hottest temperature from this water source is 60 degrees Celsius. This hot water is believed to cure all skin diseases and rheumatism due to its sulfur content. To be able to soak in this pool. What’s interesting about this tourist spot is the number of bottles and plastic that are hung around the location of the baths. That said, if you hang a bottle or plastic then the request will be granted soon.

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Somba Opu Street

Makassar and tourist attractions

Vacation is incomplete if you do not visit the center of souvenirs typical of the city visited. Not far from Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam, there is the busy Somba Opu Street which is used as a place to sell and look for souvenirs typical of Makassar, ranging from handicrafts, special foods to rub wasps cap rubbing oil.

Wasp cap rubbing oil has become a popular gift hunted by many tourists. Just a tip if you buy this rubbing oil, oil with a white bottle cap has a hotter effect when touching the skin. This is because the oil content is there, while rubbing oil with a red bottle cap has a heat effect under the white lid. But of course the price offered is different. Oil with a white lid is more expensive than a red lid. Besides rubbing oil, another popular miniature is phinisi in bottles. The market on Jalan Somba Opu is open from morning to night.

Small Lae-Lae Island

Makassar and tourist attractions

Located not far from Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam Attractions, this small Lae-lae Island can become a vacation destination with family. To get to this tour you can rent a Speedboat vehicle. tourist attractions in Makassar this one offers panoramic views and natural atmosphere typical of the stunning coastline. In addition, in Lae-lae Island, there are also various adequate facilities to support the comfort of visitors.

Kodingareng Keke Island

Makassar and tourist attractions

When in the city of Makassar, don’t forget to visit Kodingareng Keke Island. This island offers a million natural charm that is so amazing. In addition, in this place you can also do various kinds of interesting activities, such as swimming, relaxing on the white sand beach, to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater by diving and snorkeling. This tourist spot in Makassar is also quite far from the urban atmosphere, so it is well suited to calm the mind of all fatigue.

Kapoposang Island

Makassar and tourist attractions

Makassar also has an island called Kapoposang, in this place you will be treated to a stretch of white sand combined with a green sea of ​​Tosca. Kapoposang Island is also claimed to be the best diving and snorkeling location in Makassar. If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the underwater world in this place, you can rent the equipment to the officers. To reach the location of Kapoposang Island you can start the journey from the Port of Paotere for approximately 3 hours.

China Town

Makassar and tourist attractions

For those of you who want to visit tourist attractions in Makassar, you can visit China Town. This site is located on Jalan Sulawesi No. 112, Makassar City. In this place you will be treated to Chinese-style buildings, perfect as a photo spot. In addition, buildings in China Town are also full of history, considering that this location has been around since 1864. Interested in visiting the China Town Makassar?

Lantebung Mangrove Forest

Makassar and tourist attractions

Then Makassar also has a Mangrove Forest that holds a stunning natural panorama, the Lantebung Mangrove Forest. Located on Jalan Lantebung, Ds. Bira, Kec. Tamalanrea, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. This place has been facilitated in the form of a 270 meter track. The track is indeed used by visitors to take a leisurely walk to enjoy the natural atmosphere around. Or for those of you who want to go along the river around it, you can rent a boat. Tourist attractions in Makassar, this one you can visit easily.

16. Kanari Hill

Kanari Hill is a favorite destination for Photography enthusiasts. Yes, the natural panorama presented from Bukit Kanari is second to none. This excursion is also a favorite spot to watch the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. In addition, the manager also provides many very interesting photo installations. Well, if you are in Makassar, don’t forget to visit Kanari Hill. these tourist attractions are located in Malak Hamlet, Cencana Village, Cenrana District, Maros Cenrana Regency, Makassar City, South Sulawesi

Appalarang Cliffs

Makassar and tourist attractions

Located in the village of Ara, District Bontobahari, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi, this tourist attraction is a major destination for connoisseurs of heights. Yes, in this place many photo spots are on the edge of a steep cliff. Indeed the sensation obtained is enough to make the heart beat faster, but the natural panorama presented is truly amazing. For those of you who claim to be adrenaline-boosting activity fans, you must visit the Appalarang Cliff.

The line of tourist attractions in Makassar that we present above are places in Makassar that have a beautiful natural panorama but not many people know about it. So, by visiting the tourist attractions above, you will feel the comfort and excitement of a satisfying vacation and be able to provide more excitement for you! So note and share with your friends, the tourist attractions in Makassar.

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