Good Eating Places in Denpasar Bali

To date, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. The beauty of the natural panorama on the god island makes local and foreign tourists feel reluctant to leave Baal immediately. In addition to being covered by its fascinating natural panorama, in Bali there are a variety of cooked and delicious food offerings from the local and international category. Here are some of the most delicious places to eat in Denpasar Bali

Warung Made

The place is in Jalan Raya Seminyak Kuta Denpasar. This is a classy restaurant with a variety of Indonesian dishes such as gado gado, satay, steak, noodle soup, capcay, fried rice and more as well as a variety of drinks. This place is highly recommended when visiting the city of Denpasar.

Bebek Yemelia

The place is right in Jalan Wahidin Denpasar City. Every day, tens of thousands of local tourists and foreign visitors come here for a delicious fried duck and vegetables with a spicy sauce. Compared to other places, the meat of a Yemelite duck is soft and the marinade rises inside the bone.

Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk

It is located in the southernmost city of Bali, directly to Jalan Merdeka No 88 Renon Denpasar. In this area you can enjoy delicious pindang chicken and fried chicken. Not just a piece, chicken serving in this area is only served through the process of a reliable chef.

Nasi Campur Wardani

Available in Jalan Yudhistira No. 2 Denpasar and its branch in Germany Merdeka No. 17 Renon Denpasar. If you come to Bali, especially the city of Denpasar, you will have to visit this beautiful place to eat in Denpasar Bali.

Bakwan Surabaya

Location in Germany Teuku Umar 54x. The main dish of this restaurant is Sauce Sawa of Surabaya, which looks like a meatball. According to many tourists, compared to other places in Denpasar, here is a very nice one. In addition, other menu offerings include water dumplings, smooth bakwan, urat bakwan, fried dumplings and so on.

Nasi Campur Warung Pojok

Location in Germany Gajah Mada No. 16 Denpasar. In addition, there are many branches elsewhere in Jalan Setiabudi Denpasar and Jalan Nangka Selatan No. 168 Denpasar. If you want to taste it, come in the morning or afternoon. Because consumers are so busy, sometimes in the afternoon it ends.

Be Sanur

Available in Jalan Tantular 99 Renon Denpasar. Be Sanur is a restaurant in the city of Denpasar that offers the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating seafood such as fish head soup, fried fish and other types of fish. Suitable for seafood lovers.

Jejak Bali Kuliner (JEBAK)

The site is located at Jln Teuku Umar No 212 Dauh Puri Kauh Denpasar. In one restaurant there are many shops that offer a variety of Balinese dishes and delicious recipes. Not only Balinese technology can be enjoyed, with the exception of the Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Sundanese and other locals. Besides, the view and location are very easy to visit.

Nasi Campur Bu Weti Sanur

Located in Jalan Segara Ayu Sanur or not far from Sanur Beach Denpasar. Most of the people when they taste the Balinese chicken menu in this area, offer very interesting ideas. If you want to taste the flavor, you have to be willing to line up because this restaurant is always busy visiting.

Gudeg Mercon

In Bali there is also warm food, the place is in Jalan Badak Agung 23A RENON. The owner of this restaurant is from Yogyakarta. Here, the menu offered is Gudeg Mercon accompanied by chili krecek, tempeh bacem, chicken eggs, crackers and chicken. It’s just too bitter. If you are a bitter lover, come to this place.

Warung Makan Mak Beng

Location in Germany Hang Tuah 45 Sanur. If you are visiting Sanur Beach, you should first stop by this area because the area is in front of Sanur Beach. The grocery store also offers the concept of seafood dishes such as fish soup, fried fish and more. It just tastes really good.

Warung Makan Bu Kris

Located in Jalan Teuku Umar Barat 99x Denpasar. Warung Bu Kris is very famous because there are many branches scattered throughout many Indonesian cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Tangerang and others. The menu offered is Javanese ingredients such as tamarind chicken, pecel, rawon rice and so on.

Bale Udang Mang Engking

As the name implies, the main menu of the menu here is made up of shrimp, lobsters and the like. The area around Sunset Road or Jalan Nakula 88 Kuta. In addition, another branch is in the Jalan Raya Goa Gajah Ubud. The view of this place gives a sense of nature and nature. So, in addition to eating these dishes from shrimp, you can also enjoy the panel view of the surrounding area. This place is very popular among tourists. However, with the delicious taste of the kitchen and the beautiful view of the place you can eat, everything will pay off.

Gusto Gelato & Cafe

If you are an ice cream lover, just come to Cafe Gusto Gelato, located in Jalan Mertanadi 46 Seminyak Bali. There are different flavors and different looks of ice cream offered in this area. Like chocolate flavors chocolate, fruit and flavor, basil and so on. Guaranteed good taste.

Depot Sup Kepala Ikan 888

Outside of Be Sanur, the best place to eat in Denpasar Bali with the concept of a seafood menu is located in Jalan Maluku Island II / 2d Denpasar, on the west side of Rayamaya Denpasar. One of the top menus is the fish head soup “Baba Baba” and “Miss Miss”. If you want to know the taste, don’t forget to stop by this place.

This is information about the best places to eat in Denpasar and suburbs. I hope this article can be used as a reference to enjoy cooking tourism in Bali during a long holiday.




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