Betawi tribe in Indonesia

Betawi tribeBetawi is a nation closely associated with the Indonesian national struggle history. Betawi tribe existed and began to develop from the Dutch era. The characteristics of this tribe were greatly influenced by the Dutch and Chinese who ruled the area a few decades ago.
The Betawi people are also known as the Jakarta natives who control the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Because history Betawi tribe is related to the large number of immigrants entering the Jakarta area, some Betawi people marry these foreigners.
The tribes or groups that lived in the Betawi region included the Malay, the Arabs, the Sundanese, the Javanese, the Bugis, the Balinese, and others. So that since cross marriage, there are many new cultures that use this national / group style.

Getting to Know Culture Betawi tribe

Seeing the historical records Betawi tribe associated with dynamic cultures, this nation is interesting to know about the cultures it has. The customs they have are very different.
Because it is integrated with various other cultural aspects. The following Betawi tribe cultures are fun to read:

Traditional House

The traditional house Betawi tribe is called Kebaya House. It is called Rumah Kebaya, because it has a roof-like roof. And if you look at the side, the folds are shaped like the wrap of a kebaya shirt. So don’t be surprised if a traditional house is named after the same Javanese clothes.
One of the highlights of this traditional Bethawi house is the large terrace. Library work is like a place for entertaining guests and a special place for families to relax. In addition, another feature is on the walls of the house, where the walls of the house can be opened and moved freely along the edges.

Traditional clothing

The traditional dress of the people of Betawi has several parts, namely:
a. Everyday Men’s Clothing
Traditional men’s casual clothing consists of a sardius cloth, cloth trousers, and a scarf / truck. The Sadducees or the Betawi coconut property are goods commonly used by the Betawi men in the form of plains, without motives, and have only one color, namely white.
These batik cloths are shaped like underpants with rubber straps at the waist. And a scarf / scarf is a type of sarong that is folded and wrapped around the neck or wrapped around the shoulders.
b. Everyday Women’s Clothing
Traditional women’s clothing consists of a kurung shirt, a patterned sarong, and a scarf over the head. A bracelet shirt is a specially designed garment with short sleeves and bright colors. Patterned sarongs with beautiful batik motifs with colors that match the brackets or head scarves worn.
c. Casual Dresses
The official traditional dress of the Betawi people is called the Serong Shirt. This formal dress was worn not only by dignitaries but also by ordinary people. A distinctive feature of the Serong Shirt is that it consists of a white shirt that is part of the interior.
A warm batik cloth around the waist, as well as a black coat and black trousers. This dress is often used for weddings or other formal occasions.

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The common language of Betawi

Language Betawi tribe has a mixed language, in which the language reflects the common culture of the Betawi people, which is the result of the breeding of many local and foreign cultures.
In order to develop the existing languages, a language that distinguishes Betawi tribe Indonesian and the Betawi language was introduced.

Typical Betawi music

Betawi also has traditional music. Another popular music owned by the Betawi people is gambang kromong, which is one of the hallmarks of Chinese music.
In addition to these instruments, there is also the tambourine instrument, which is an instrument based on Arab culture, keroncong tugu, and tanjidor. These musical instruments add to the beautiful nuances of art for the people of Betawi.

Traditional Dance Betawi tribe

Traditional dance Betawi tribe has a combination of several aspects of the community culture contained in it, namely Jaipong Dance, Cokek Dance, and others. The dance scene in Jakarta was originally seen by the Sundanese and Chinese, one of which is the Jaipong Dance with the usual costumes of the dancers, who are dancers of the Beijing Opera.
However, with the passage of time, the dances of the Betawi culture are very powerful and offer new dances that cannot be separated from the elements of the old dance tradition.

General Betawi Culinary

The people of Betawi themselves have a variety of interesting things, but these days it is getting darker and darker. One of the most popular foods in the community today is nasi uduk.
The rice is still readily available in many parts of Jakarta, made from rice cooked with a variety of special ingredients to give a delicious taste.
Aside from the nasi duk, the food that sounds popular is also popular in the community by Soto Betawi and kerak telor. This dish became a big favorite a few years ago.
If you want to find this food easily, you can visit valley Betawi tribe, i.e. the Betawi cultural heritage sites.
That’s a variety of cultures Betawi tribe interested in learning. Betawi tribe Jakarta culture is inspired by history developed in the past. The large number of immigrants and tribes living in the Betawi area makes the connection between the original Betawi culture and other cultures.
This distinctive feature of the Betawi culture and its various styles make Betawi culture more easily remembered by various groups. Even now, children from children to adults know this Betawi tribe.

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