Betawi Traditional House

Betawi traditional house – The Betawi tribe is a tribe in the State of Indonesia where most people live in DKI Jakarta. They have been inhabitants of Batavia since the 17th century.

As the development of the times, native local culture such as traditional clothing, traditional dances and Betawi traditional house increasingly eroded. The children of Betawi now do not know the origin of the Betawi culture.

If this is allowed, as time goes by the traditional culture will disappear, even a few Betawi children do not know about their traditional home.

Betawi traditional house contains 3 types of traditional houses namely, Rumah Joglo, Rumah Gudang and Rumah Kebaya. But officially Betawi traditional house is the house of Kebaya. Each traditional house has its own distinctive features. Here is the full review:

Kebaya House


Betawi traditional house This one has a roof that is a bit like a folded sard. If the roof of the house appears to come from the side, the roof will look like folded kebaya. From then on, the house was named Kebaya. In addition to the kebaya house there are also rooms with various functions.

Room Work in Kebaya House

Rumah kebaya has as few rooms as the house as a whole. Each room has a different function. Here are the rooms in the kebaya house and its functions:


This room is designed as a room used for guests to stay. If any relatives or friends visit and stay overnight, they will be placed in this room. When there are no guests, the room is often used for prayer.


The scene of the kebaya house is a large terrace. Often there are tables and chairs for relaxing and relaxing with the family. Outside the area is also used for hospitality.


Like the house in general, the kebaya house also has a bedroom. This kebaya house has 4 rooms. Homeowners often have very large rooms.


This room is a family lounge for the night. This room is often used for members of the comedy family. The bond between family members is getting closer and closer.


This room is often called a kitchen. Usually found in the back and in the restaurant. This room is usually used for food processing.

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Materials for Building the House of Kebaya

In the past, the people in charge of the house of Kebaya were a group of respected people. Rumah Kebaya is the official Betawi traditional house and has its own unique wisdom from other traditional houses. Kebaya house building materials are also not controversial.

Roof fabric

The roof of this kebaya house is made of earthenware. But there are also those made of kirai lime leaves or commonly called atep. For the construction of horses and gording use wood or wood lute. Below as a tile roof carrier, made of split bamboo. While the rafters work to place battens made of complete bamboo. Installing battens and rafters using bamboo cords, i.e. with bamboo separated and then made of ropes.

Wall Material

The wood used for front wall materials is gowok or jackfruit wood, often painted in bright colors such as grass or yellow. As for the other wall used for decorative bamboo. Doors and windows of a large kebaya house. At the door there are jokes (air vents) so that the air in the room is constantly changing. It aims to keep the air in the room clean and air-conditioned. So that the occupants of the house can feel comfortable.

Operating Buildings

The foundation of the kebaya house is made of river stones with a foundation plan. As for the foundation wall using banners. In the columns of this house building are made of jackfruit wood. Number of Philosophy of Kebaya House The Kebaya House has a wide terrace with tables and chairs, this has its own philosophical value. The library room shows that the people of Betawi are always open. Always thank the guests who come The Batawi people are not racist, anyone who comes to visit will be warmly welcomed. Despite the varied cultural backgrounds of the people, the Batawi people continue to find and entertain visitors as well as other tourists. The people of Batawi have a spirit of acceptance of racial diversity. Rumah Kebaya is often fenced off around the house. This means that although the people of Betawi are open, they are still limited.They can inform the distinction among proper and wrong. During this time many foreign cultures invade our country, as long as we allow our culture to fade and disappear. If you are not careful, the original Indonesian culture will disappear. According to the above philosophy, the Batawi people will continue to embrace good culture and abandon bad culture.

House Gadang


Although the only official kebaya house is Betawi traditional house, it doesn’t bother you to know a few things about the Gudang house. Betawi traditional house This is usually found in a remote area, so the building is still original, not connected to the outside culture. Jawbone houses of various sizes. The attic is built like a horse’s saddle and lined with an easel frame. The front of the house is provided with a basic roof called a sign or hat. This symbol works to withstand sun and rain exposure. The house is divided into two parts, the front and the inside. While back and center. The front room is used for welcoming guests. While in the middle of the room was a family meeting place. 

Joglo House


Betawi traditional house This building resembles a traditional house from Java, especially on the roof. The Betawi Joglo house is square. Joglo’s house is divided into three bedrooms, which are a front room, a living room and a back room. The front room is often called the front porch, and this room serves to accommodate guests. The living room is usually a dining room, a family gathering room and a bedroom. While using the back room of the kitchen and bathroom. The Joglo House is usually located in the center of town. The influence of Javanese culture found in this rooftop house. Joglo Betawi’s house is now accustomed to nature. It can be concluded that Betawi traditional house consists of 3 types namely Kebaya House, Rumah Gudang and Rumah Joglo. However, the official Betawi traditional house is Kebaya’s house. Each house has its own ingenuity and features.

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