6 Cultural Values of the Batak Tribe

cuorerosanero– Batak Tribe  – Indonesia is famous for its rich cultural diversity. From Sabang to Merauke, each tribe has its own characteristics and identity. Areas in Indonesia are dominated by Java and Batak Tribe .

In almost every province, there are people from both nations. In reality, however, it is not only these two nations that control large parts of Indonesia. Several tribes, such as Minang, Lampung, Sundanese, Madurese, also control much of Indonesia.

In this discussion, we will explain in more detail about Batak Tribe North Sumatra. Like many adherents of Indonesia, the nation’s religions include Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Islam.

This tribe, known for its noisy speech, has a martarombo practice, which is to seek out brotherly relations with the same family. So don’t be surprised if the relationship system is too close.

History Batak Tribe

The tribe owns a traditional house known as the Bolon house. Rumah Bolon has a house-like structure on pillars in general. The low entrance to Bolon’s house has the impression of visiting guests.

The philosophical explanation is that guests must respect the host, otherwise they must abide by the applicable laws. So far, the ancestral origins of Batak Tribe . However, it is estimated that the ancestors of this tribe existed during the Iron Age.

Because so far Neolithic art explaining the existence of ancestors Batak Tribe  has not been found. Batak Tribe  a multi-ethnic group in North Sumatra.

Some of the tribes included in the tribe are Mandailing, Toba, Pakpak, Karo, Simalungan and Angkola. Each part of the nation has its own culture. For example, Mandailing is commonly spoken in Malay and predominantly Muslim ethnic groups.

Cultural Values ​​Batak Tribe

Basically, the whole nation has a philosophy of life that is protected by every society. This philosophy of life serves as a controlling value in the social system. As well as Batak Tribe  also has cultural values, including:

1. Hagabeon

Hagabeon in Batak Tribe  means hope of having good children and grandchildren and a long life. In the long run, it is hoped that they will be able to marry and raise a family of their own. In this society, children are a symbol of success in marriage.

In addition, the boys, who are followers of his family. According to ancient tradition, there were 33 Batak child custody laws. There were 17 boys and 16 girls. However, with the passage of time, these cultural norms have begun to evolve and replace new values.

At present, the importance of having children is no longer related to quantity but quality. For education and skills to be the main things a child should have.

2. Uhum and Ugari

 This number has the same meaning as the law. To the Batak people, the law or uhum is a complete compulsion. The implementation of these values ​​is reflected in the state of justice. The value of justice itself is reflected in the commitment to practice (citizens) and fidelity to promises.

If a person betrays a customary agreement, he or she will be subject to customary penalties and will be held in high esteem. So for them umum and ugari are the most popular. And Batak people are considered perfect if they are able to respect the huhum and ugari and are able to keep their promises.

3. Hamoraan

 In adat Batak Tribe  The values ​​of Hamoraan culture have a meaning of respect. An aspect of respect is the balance between material and spiritual values. A person is considered honorable if he has wealth, favor among men and high spiritual values.

Even though a person has a lot of wealth and a high position, it does not matter if he does not have a spiritual value. This is the balance in question. That the balance between physical and spiritual values ​​must be balanced.

4. Protection

The price of the shield at Batak Tribe  is quite different. Why? Because at this price they tend to live independently and it is not easy to ask for grace from others. Because one of their common principles is that all people should protect and protect one another.

The system is based on something known as Dalihan Na Tolu. This is actually something that is believed to be protective. This relationship is like a spider web wrapped in traditional values.

5. Relationships

 Relationship value is the most important cultural value in society Batak Tribe . This figure suggests the traditional law of Dalihan Na Tolu. This can be seen in the good relations of the species between the lesser nations.

Kinship relationships are characterized by beautiful words, marital bonds, and martarombo. Martarombo itself means talking and looking for siblings. This is usually done for people who Batak Tribe  roam. They often want relationships between their families.

6. Marsisarian

 In a social system, values ​​are always needed to maintain a balance between human relationships. This number is really needed. Because there is always a difference in a group of people. For these principles and laws to be a reference in the course of human life.

So is the marsisarian number in Batak Tribe . Marsisarian means mutual respect, understanding and help. At this point one should respect and get to know one another. Better yet, this number can prevent conflicts from happening in the community.

That is the meaning of Batak Tribe  in North Sumatra. In this definition, we know that Indonesia is very rich in cultures, races, languages ​​and beliefs. This can be seen in the fact that each region has a nation, and each nation has less nations.

The strength of Indonesia’s culture is one of the obligations for us to continue to preserve. Apart from being a type of heritage in the national generation, it is also an icon that distinguishes it from other countries

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