Balinese tribe in Indonesia

Balinese tribe – I Balinese tribe is one of the many Indonesian groups offering their uniqueness. Giving a different cultural color makes Bali Island very popular with everyone, in Indonesia and abroad.

In ancient times, there was an empire that controlled the entire island of Baal and promoted Hindu culture. In Balinese, Balinese called Anak Bali, Wong Bali, or Krama Bali, live on the island of Bali.

In general, the Balinese people have passed on their culture to preserve it to this day.

Balinese tribe Names

 Indonesia is the largest island nation, each with its own ethnic groups. The Island of Idols, one of them, has a nation with characteristics that other nations do not have, here is a review of the tribes of Baal:

Balinese Aga Tribe in Kintamani and Karangasem

 The Bali Aga is one of the lesser-known Balinese peoples who regard them as the first Balinese. The Bali Aga is also known as the Bali Mountains, with its many ethnic groups in Trunyan Village. People regard those who live here as ignorant mountain dwellers because they live in a hinterland mountainous region.

The Balinese Majapahit Tribe

 The tribe is descended from Javanese immigrants who lived during the Majapahit Empire. Most of them live on the island of Bali, especially in the lowlands, with their farming skills in the rice fields. This community is Hindu and is one of the influences from Balinese tribe history. It has more people than those living in coastal areas.

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History of Balinese tribe

 The Balinese are indigenous Balinese who live in the area and have their own language. they have a very high culture and are still preserved to this day. The following is the background of the Balinese people

  • The Majapahit dynasty succeeded in controlling Baal in about 1343 AD, during which time the Balinese people fought. Based on information from Nagarakretagama, the island of Bali and its former empire once served as Majapahit. The effects of this rulership are still being felt today.
  • The real impact now is the division of the Balinese community. There are two groups, namely the Bali Aga, who are thought to have originated on the island of Bali and the descendants of Majapahit.
  • The Majapahit had a hard time winning the Bali Aga, resistance arose, but after that it was reduced. Long before the formation of the Majapahit tribe, they are said to have come from the Austronesian family.
  • Flat evidence of hunting time has been found in Sembiran Village and along the east and southeast shores of Lake Batur.
  • Lake Batur is one of the places where Balinese Aga culture and people live. In these Balinese conditions, foreigners began to come here. Apart from teaching Hinduism, they will also improve the lives of their citizens.

Balinese tribe Community Life

 The lives of the tribal communities in Bali, both social, economic and cultural, cannot be separated from their strong religion. Passing on to their ancestors, the tasks they perform are unique and unique to society as a whole.

Balinese tribe Aga

Balinese tribe in Indonesia

 The Aga tribe, which is part of the Balinese tribe well-known people, has unique characteristics and interesting facts about their lives. The following is the life story of the Agga people most interesting to know:

  • Balinese Aga people live alone in mountainous areas.
  • People speak their own Balinese language. The language varies from village to village, as it is used by Trunyan and Tanganan residents.
  • In Trunyan Village, there is a fragrant tree, often used by local people for burial.
  • Burial is not intended for cremation or cremation. Here the corpse is simply placed under a tree.
  • The existence of the villages of Trunyan and Tenganan as traditional villages that retain their ancestral heritage inherited.

Balinese tribe Majapahit

 In addition to the life of the Aga tribe, it is not so interesting in the life of this Balinese Majapahit tribe. See the following ulsan for more facts about the life of the Balinese Majapahit tribe:

  • Be responsible for the unity among the members, which is the members of the subak (the same water source) seen at religious meetings and events.
  • The language is the same as Javanese, only in a different way.
  • Subsistence farming in rice fields.
  • The list of people is usually recorded using a lontar, and the lontar uses Javanese characters, indicating that Balinese people are originally from Majapahit.

The Balinese Faith Program

 Most Balinese people adhere to Hindu beliefs. The Balinese Hindu tribe believes in one God with the concept of a Trimurti consisting of three forms, namely Brahmana (creation), Vishnu (final) and Shiva (destructive).

The belief system in Balinese tribe remains very strong in believing ghoib objects and is considered important. The most important objects here are Atman (immortal soul), Karmapala (the fruit of all things) and Purnabawa (rebirth of the soul).

The Balinese tribe also has a very sacred place of worship. Hindu temples are temples with a variety of features, including Pura Besakih (common to all groups), Pura Desa / Kayangan Tiga (local social groups) and Sanggah (especially ancestors).

Talking about the diversity of the island of Bali is endless. A place that offers millions of charms of natural beauty and cultural diversity that some islands do not. Maintaining good morals and sacred traditions makes Bali Island a Holy Island.

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