10 Different Baduy Tribe

cuorerosanero about Baduy Tribe- Talking about Indonesian culture is endless. Indonesian cultures are very diverse, this is because Indonesia has more than a thousand ethnic groups. These tribes spread from Sabang to Marauke.

One of the most famous tribes is Baduy tribeDalam located in the Banten region, directly on the Lebak Banten Regency. The name Baduy Dalam is derived from the name given by Dutch investigators who appear to be equal to the nomadic community and the Arab “Badawi” Arab community.

Another possibility is that in the northern part of the country there is a river called the Baduy Dalam River. While they themselves are members of the tribe, they call themselves “kenekeas people” according to the name of their region. There are two different types of Baduy tribe.

According to their belief, the kenekeas are descendants of Batara Cikal, one of the gods or batara that came to earth. Origin is often associated with the Prophet Adam as the first human ancestor.


Different Culture Baduy tribe

To this day, the Baduy people really retain their local wisdom. This then became the dance floor of the village Baduy tribe as a cultural tour. Not surprisingly, many tourists visit Valley Baduy tribe. Before you visit the village Baduy tribe, here are 7 different facts Baduy tribe you should know:

1. Pu’un

Each group has a leader or person who sets an example in taking clues and decisions about social issues in the community. Likewise with the Inner Baduy community, the community leaders in Baduy tribe inside are called Pu’un.

Pu’un in the Baduy community works as a community leader, Pu’un’s figure is highly respected by Day Dalam. Puún is considered the president of the community. Baduy tribe Ku. Pu’un is in charge of determining when to plant and when to harvest, and he also applies the customary law of the Baduy community, and heals the sick.

2. Wealth Is Not Seen From The Shape Of The House

In contrast with today’s urban society, wealth is often expressed in large, luxurious homes. Baduy tribe The rich interior of Baduy will not have a large and luxurious house, because all the residents of the Inner Baduy area have the same size and shape of the house. Inner Baduy’s wealth is actually reflected in the ownership of other objects, such as clay.

What separates the wealthy people of the Inner Baduy tribe is the handling of pottery made of copper. With a rich man from Baduy Dalam he can have a lot of clay. When you create a large Baduy tribe Inside, the level of a person rises.

3. The Culture of Mutual Cooperation

Gotong royong is indeed an Indonesian tradition. Almost every region in Indonesia has a culture of cooperation. However, with the advancement of technology, the culture of cooperation has begun to be abandoned by the Indonesian people.

Unlike many other peoples in Indonesia who have abandoned the culture of cooperation, the Bedouins still pursue a spirit of cooperation. They often work together to move agricultural land to a more fertile land.

4. Enactment Of The Matchmaking System

Match making is no longer common in today’s society. In today’s society, metaphors are completely out of touch with the child, the parents giving their only blessing. However, this does not apply to Baduy tribeInner Baduy.

A 14-year-old girl will be compared to a Baduy tribeIn man. During the performance, male parents are free to choose the woman they want to match their child. However, if nothing is right, both men and women must be willing to accept the choice of their parents or be chosen by Pu’un.

5. Natural toiletries

If you visit the Baduy tribeDalam valley, don’t expect to find people using soap, shower or toothpaste when bathing. People prefer to use natural resources to clean themselves.

The people of Baduy Dalam use stones applied to their bodies instead of chemical bath soap. Meanwhile, to clean their teeth, they use coconut fibers. Baduy tribe Respecting their environment, they do not want to use chemicals that contain chemicals and plastic waste.

6. Prohibition of Visiting for 3 Months

Baduy tribe Actually, they are not followers of Islam, but they have a ritual of fasting for 3 months in a row. This fast work done by Baduy is called “Paul”. When performing the ritual of Paul, foreign residents were not allowed to visit the Inner Baduy. If they want to visit there, they are only allowed to visit the Outer Baduy village but they are not allowed to stay overnight.

The people of Baduy think that Paul is a holy work and should not be disturbed by the outside world. In Paul’s day they prayed to their ancestors that they would always be given security and abundant harvest.

7. Although Many, Chicken Is A Luxury Food

In today’s society, chicken has become a daily commodity to meet protein needs. However, this does not apply to the inner community.

The people are very fond of raising chickens, and if you visit the village they will find many yams roaming there. However, they will only slaughter their pets on certain days, for example during traditional ceremonies or wedding days.

8. The Color Of Clothing Distinguishes The Outer And Inner Baduy

Baduy tribe don’t use patterned clothing like today’s society. For those of you who are confused about separating people Baduy tribeOuter and Inner Baduy, you can classify it according to the color of the clothes. The Baduy outsiders wore black dresses while the Inner Baduy people wore white leather jackets and white headbands.

9. The Culture of Walking

Unlike the Japanese, the Indonesians are notorious for being lazy to walk. This is why there is an increase in traffic in urban areas. This does not apply to Baduy tribe.

The Baduy people love to walk wherever they go. They still walk when they visit their families in the city or go to town to sell their crops. Not surprisingly, the environment is still well-maintained and the people of Baduy are also in good health.

10. Simple Household Furniture

Not only do they discard electronic devices, people Baduy tribe also refuse to use household items such as plates or cups made of metal or glass. They prefer to use natural materials, for example their glass is made from pieces of bamboo trees.

Baduy tribe they have their own way of enjoying life. They live modestly and environmentally, they do not need high-quality and luxurious equipment or branded clothing. The Baduy culture shows that happiness is simple.

For those of you who visit there, keep in touch there and never break the customary rules they have made. Keep the city clean and undamaged.

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