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Cuorerosanero – Aceh Tribe is a nation with a long history in the past. The term Aceh Tribe refers to the Acehnese natives living in the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam region, a coastal province north of Sumatra.

Aceh Tribe Most people are Muslim and have a variety of cultural backgrounds. The held traditions are full of Islamic values ​​and local customs. Aceh Tribe has a very long history series. Aceh Tribe The ancestors came from various regions outside Indonesia. Namely Arab, Malay, Peninsular Malaysia, and India. Each era has elements of different ancestral cultures. This is because the Aceh region has become one of the most visited destinations for traders worldwide.

Before the advent of Islam, most Acehese people adopted Hinduism. This can be attested from several Acehnese cultures that still have elements of Hinduism and Indian culture. However, after the advent of Islam, Aceh’s culture changed and adapted to Islamic culture.

Culture Aceh Tribe

So from then on, most Aceh Tribe were Muslims. The traditions of the Acehnese people are still very much alive today. Some Acehnese traditions are well-known and are visible icons when people in some places remember Aceh.

The elements of Aceh culture cannot be separated from history, culture, and Islam. The following are some of the types of cultures held by Aceh Tribe:

Traditional House

Aceh Tribe The traditional house owned is called Krong Bade. A prominent feature of this house is its structure built at a distance of 2.5 – 3 meters from the ground.

The building is made of wood, from the roof, the floor to the many ornaments on the walls. While the roof is made of woven palm leaves.

The uniqueness of this traditional Aceh house is in its works. The basement (large space between sections) serves as a food storage area.

While the upper part, or room of the house, serves as a reception area, for conversation, and is used for relaxation with a certain division of rooms:

Traditional Ceremony

Traditional festivals are also a tradition of the Aceh people. Usually, the most common traditional ceremony is a wedding ceremony. The ceremony is done in several stages, such as applying for a bride, a bridal party, a party, fetching the bride, fetching the groom. In addition to the wedding ceremony, there is also the peusijuek event, which is a ceremony made by sprinkling water seeds mixed with clear flour on a person with a specific passion.

Traditional Clothing

The cultural traits they have have been heavily influenced by history Aceh Tribe in the past. These diverse cultures make Aceh Tribe a nation with dignity and have high historical standards

Aceh also has a variety of traditional clothing worn from time to time. Aceh’s traditional clothing is divided into 2 types, namely traditional and traditional women’s clothing. Each of these traditional costumes has a different name and character. These traditional dress is worn only occasionally, such as weddings, traditional ceremonies, and so on.

For men’s clothing, they wore a combination of Meukasah clothing and Cekak Musang trousers. Meukasah dresses are complete black dresses with yellow gold knick-knacks. Meanwhile, Cekak Musang is a type of loose and long trousers, closely related to Malay and Islamic standards.

Meanwhile, in the case of women’s clothing, they also wore embroidered clothing, which is a long-sleeved shirt with Kurung and Cekak Musang trousers. Long sleeve brackets are open and closed. Like Cekak Musang’s trousers, the Long Sleeve Kurung shirt is also very close to Malay and Islamic standards. This shirt is usually paired with a head scarf or veil.

Traditional Food

Traditional Acehnese cuisine has features such as Indian cuisine, some of which are gulai or dry kerambi. There is also a typical Acehnese diet that uses fish as a basic ingredient, called eungkot paya.

In addition to these traditional foods, there are other traditional foods such as candied nutmeg, isanger, banana for sale, flower pot, keumamah, and more. You can try it sometime when you visit Nangroe Aceh Darussalam district.

Traditional Weapons

Aceh also has a famous traditional weapon, the Rencong. This weapon is similar to the kerisis used by the Aceh Tribe during the Sultanate of Aceh. There are various types of Rencong weapons, such as Renconng Meupucok, Rencong Meukuree, Rencong Meucugek, and Rencong Pudoi. In addition to Rencong, Aceh has other traditional weapons such as Siwah and Peudeung.

Traditional Dance

Aceh is also rich in traditional dances. One of the most popular traditional dances is the Seudati Dance. This dance is in the form of powerful, distinct, and direct movements that rely on hand and foot movements. The hands and feet are made to move faster and faster, leading to more rhythmic and consistent movements.

Apart from the Seudati dance, there is also the famous dance, which is the Saman Dance. The dance is performed by clapping hands on the hands, chest, without being accompanied by a musical instrument. However, even without the accompaniment of a musical instrument, this dance is still lively due to the movement of healthy dancers, which makes it fun and visually appealing. Apart from Saman Dance there are other dances such as Aceh Laweut Dance, Tarek Pukat Dance, Didong Dance, Aceh Ratok Duek Dance and other dances

Regional Songs

Regional songs are also a form of Aceh culture. Incorporated into regional hymns, the art exhibited in Acehnese culture becomes more complete and sophisticated.

The most popular folk songs and often sung Aceh TribeBungong Jeumpa and Piso Surit. In addition, there are other types of regional songs, such as Tawar Sedenge, Aceh Lon Sayang, Sepakat Segenap, Aneuk Yatim, and Lembah Alas.

That’s some kind of culture Aceh Tribe that’s very interesting to learn. These practices are inseparable from the Islamic values ​​and customs of Malays.

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