About The “anak dalam” Tribe

Tribe “anak dalam” – Indonesia’s diversity is reflected in the diversity of nations and cultures spread across the islands. Not only the citizens with a modern way of life, at present, in several places in Indonesia there are still ancient tribes.

One of them is Tribe “anak dalam” or also called the “Suku Kubu“on the island of Sumatra. The shape of the island of Sumatra, still covered with dense jungle, makes it possible for the ancients to settle there.

“anak dalam” First national life and mysterious, interesting to read. Here are the facts about this nation:

Origin of the Nation “anak dalam”

To date, national origin “anak dalam” has not been resolved. Investigators still do not know the basic facts about how this independent nation came into being and what caused it to be divided and settled earlier.

However, an article published in BMT, Depos in 1988, claimed that the tribe came from the Jambi Kingdom. In this article, they are said to be a group of soldiers sent to fight against the Tanjung Jabung State.

Specifically, in this article, King Pagar Ruyung sent troops who had agreed to overthrow the government and challenged the Jambi Empire. The soldiers even promised that they would not return until their mission was successful.

Unfortunately, during the trip they ran out of things. They were trapped in the middle of a vast desert. The soldiers who had promised to go were still ashamed to go home. Even the continuation of the journey will no longer be able to combat the conditions of famine.

Eventually, the soldiers decided to stay and return to the forest. In time, they came to live and developed their own culture to become the Tribe we know today.

Tribal Trust “anak dalam”

“anak dalam” The nations do not have the same religious beliefs as Indonesia. They believe only in what they consider to be the greatest and most powerful force in the universe. Moreover, like the Avatar, they believe in four elements, such as water, earth, fire, and air, which they consider to be power.

The nation also believes that the spirits of the dead will return to heaven soon. They returned to their homeland and were welcomed by the Nyawa king. That is why they hold ceremonies to honor the deceased. They thus believe that the spirit will not interfere with those who are alive and who will soon enter heaven.

Ethnic Race and Culture “anak dalam”

Tribe “anak dalam” or they call themselves “Orang Rimba” which means that the people living in the forest are an underdeveloped tribe in Jambi. Most of them live in Taman 12 and Bukit 30 National Parks in Bungo, Tebo, Sorolangun and Batanghari District.

This tribe lives just for a living and earns a living by being found in the wild. Hunting and searching for fruits or vegetables is their livelihood.

In the forest, they were divided into several small groups. Each group has its own group leader and hunting area. Their party leader called Tumenggung.

The traditional clothing of this nation is the fabric of men and is inferior to that of women. They only wear a cloth that covers the chest of women when interacting with the outside world.

That is to say, this nation has supernatural powers. A popular myth says that if we spit in front of them and spit in their eyes, we would be insane and could enter their community.

Rules for National Life “anak dalam”

By living their daily lives, this nation has customary laws that must be known and followed by the local community. Here are 4 “anak dalam”Tribe life rules we need to know:

Self-Control in a Shining World

Tribal people “anak dalam” call life out of the jungle a ‘world of light’. So do the people who live outside this nation who call it a vibrant society. For them, contact with the ‘light world’ is systematically blocked and dominated by custom orders.

Some say they believe that people in the “light world” are cannibals. That is why this nation is very careful when communicating with outside communities.

Get up

One of the nation’s traditions “anak dalam” migration life or migration life. If one of their family members dies, they will leave their home and look for a new place to live. It aims to end their grief. They call this kind of work. They will continue to rise, until the grief of losing a loved one is over.

Prevention of Aging

In the national community “anak dalam” you have strict rules regarding men and women. They strictly forbade men and women to be alone. Those caught will be subject to forced marriage. However, before they get married, they will first be punished with rattan sticks because they are considered to be embarrassing their parents.

Apart from that, there are other rules. Foreign men entering the forest must be accompanied by a man from the tribe “anak dalam”. Even when they are in, they should shout “Ado wean kiuna? (Is there a boy there?)” To make sure there is another man there. If they get an answer, they are allowed to enter the forest only.


Nation “anak dalam” live with dignity and nature. They just live in the woods. They are accustomed to sleeping on the floor. However, there are several groups that set up camp in the forest. To bathe they use a river in the forest.

No need to use soap and other toiletries, just throw them into the river and think they are clean. “anak dalam” A nation has its own way of life. Regardless of their health and culture, they are part of Indonesia.

Their culture is part of Indonesian diversity. Our race and culture may be different, but we are Indonesian and more importantly “anak dalam” The Nation deserves the same treatment from the government.

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