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Indonesian Culture – Talking about Indonesian culture will never be endless. Diversity ranging from religion, ethnicity, dance and many more and from region to other regions have different customs. This also often attracts the attention of the world. Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia will surely be impressed with the diversity of cultures in Indonesia

This culture in Indonesia is a legacy from our ancestors that we must guard. Indonesia itself is famous for its cultural diversity. So do not be surprised if many foreign citizens are willing to go to Indonesian culture and settle in Indonesia. We as Indonesian citizens must be proud and help to continue to preserve it.

To add to your insights below, some cultures in Indonesia will be explained in the spotlight of the world community. You need to know that some Indonesian cultures have also been recognized by UNESCO. By the way, let’s see the explanation below.

1. Indonesian Batik

Batik is the result of Indonesian works that are now worldwide. Lots of foreign artists who wear clothes with batik motifs to attend famous events. Besides batik has also been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world heritage.

Batik itself originates from several regions in Indonesia with different motifs. And types of batik itself now also has a variety ranging from written batik and printed batik. Formerly batik was made using a special tool that is canting and night to paint motifs on fabric and is often known as written batik. But now there are already batik tools using prints that you often know as printed batik.

2. Wayang Kulit Art Culture

The second Indonesian culture that has been recognized by UNESCO and many tourists are interested in learning it, Wayang Kulit. Culture originating from Java, especially Central Java is very interesting. Wayang kulit is the culture of the Javanese community consisting of dalang, singers or sinden and gamelan musicians.

Aside from being a culture, wayang kulit is also the way to be used as a media for the spread of Islam in Indonesia by one of the Wali Songo, Sunan Kalijogo. Usually the wayang kulit show tells is the story of the warriors of Puppetry like Punokawan, Ramayana, Mahabharata.

3. Gamelan Music

Gamelan is an association of several Indonesian traditional musical instruments that are used to accompany a performance. Like dance, traditional, wayang and many more. This gamelan consists of musical instruments such as gongs, xylophone, angklung, saron.

The sound produced from these tools will cause a very distinctive sound. Many foreigners also learn to play the gamelan. Even in some shows they also played a role in it. By the way we, as Indonesian citizens, should also have the same spirit as them. Do not let this culture fade and even many foreign citizens who mastered it.

4. Angklung Musical Instrument

The Angklung Instrument is a musical instrument played by moving it. The sound of this angklung is very distinctive and each angklung size has different sound results. The origin of this angklung is from West Java and is made of bamboo.

Because this tool is very interesting and unique, it is almost always stolen by neighboring countries. The food has now been registered and has been recognized by UNESCO that this angklung is a cultural heritage originating from West Java in Indonesia. This tool is also used to accompany several dance performances such as Reog.

Angklung musical instrument is one of Indonesia’s culture that we must preserve. Angklung is now known to foreign countries because it is unique and distinctive, so many people like the beauty of the sound produced from this angklung music.

5. Aceh Saman Dance

Saman dance is a dance from the Aceh region, the Gayo Tribe. This dance shows the movements of the dancers with very fast movements accompanied by the typical poetry of Aceh. This dance is usually used in important events or events.

The Saman dance has also been recognized by UNESCO. Some names of the Saman Dance are kirep, shaking, surang-laring-linggang which come from the Gayo tribe language. While the poems that are sung come from a mixture of Gayo and Arabic languages.

This dance was founded by Syejh or local regional scholars namely Sheikh Saman from the Gayo Tribe. That is why it is nicknamed Saman Dance because its founder is also named Saman. There are still other dances that are also very beautiful if displayed and have also been recognized by the world such as Pendet dance, Kecak dance and many more.

6. Sayange taste song and Jali-Jali song

How very rich this Indonesian country will be. In addition to dances and musical instruments that have been widely recognized as world heritage, traditional songs are also recognized by UNESCO such as jali-jali and Sayange. Sayange taste song comes from Maluku which is an expression of affection between the people of Maluku.

This song is also claimed and claimed by neighboring countries. But our country has succeeded in preserving it. There is also a jali-jali song which is a song from Betawi. This song is a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved as well. Do not let it be claimed again by other countries as a cultural heritage of their ancestors.

7. NTT Komodo National Park

Komodo is one of the rare animals originating from Indonesia. Because of the awareness of preserving and preserving it, a special Komodo park was created, the Komodo national park on the east Nusa Tenggara island of Komodo. This animal is shaped like a lizard but in a very large size.

To appreciate the establishment of this park, UNESCO recognizes it as one of the world heritage that must be preserved. In addition to the Komodo park there is also the Ujung Kulon Park which is used to preserve the one-horned rhinoceros from Ujung Kulon which has also been recognized by UNESCO.

8. Keris Weapon

Keris is a tool or a weapon for a duel from Java. But now this dagger is rarely used for dueling. Now it is more used for mantenan events which would normally be used as accessories by the bridegroom to be tucked behind.

This keris weapon is pointed but has a curved end. Many of these krises are also used as antiques and become collections of artists. People who make keris have their own designation, namely the masters. While this keris also varies depending on the origin of the dagger. Although originally from Java, this keris also developed in Nusa Tenggara, Madura and Sulawesi.

This was one of the cultural heritage areas of Indonesia that has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. As explained above, there are some Indonesian cultures that are claimed the way by neighboring countries because we don’t take care of them. Some of these heritages are Angklung, Song Rasa Sayange.

By the way for that we must maintain and preserve it. Do not lose to foreign citizens who have started to be interested in learning Indonesian culture such as gamelan instruments, puppet shows, and others. In addition to the eight cultures above, there are many more Indonesian cultures that must be preserved. Happy reading, hopefully useful.

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    Batik is the result of Indonesian works that are now worldwide


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