39 Indonesian cuisine of the Best Dishes You Should Eat

Indonesian cuisine

cuorerosanero about 39 Indonesian cuisine- As an island nation with a diverse population, Indonesia is also known for its delicious variety of food. Here we present a line of noodles stuffed with broth, boiling curries, banana-wrapped fish, and a vegetable salad with watery nut sauces. Here are 39 dishes that we can’t leave. 1. Sambal … Read more

The Bugis tribe in Indonesia

the bugis tribe

Cuorerosanero – The Bugis tribe (suku bugis) are known as a tribe that is very respectful of its culture. It is proven that no matter how small the problem is and whoever the perpetrator is, it will be dealt with firmly. Even though the perpetrators are their own family or relatives. The Bugis tribe has … Read more

Balinese tribe in Indonesia

Balinese tribe in Indonesia

Balinese tribe – I Balinese tribe is one of the many Indonesian groups offering their uniqueness. Giving a different cultural color makes Bali Island very popular with everyone, in Indonesia and abroad. In ancient times, there was an empire that controlled the entire island of Baal and promoted Hindu culture. In Balinese, Balinese called Anak … Read more

6 Cultural Values of the Batak Tribe

6 Cultural Values of the Batak Tribe

cuorerosanero– Batak Tribe  – Indonesia is famous for its rich cultural diversity. From Sabang to Merauke, each tribe has its own characteristics and identity. Areas in Indonesia are dominated by Java and Batak Tribe . In almost every province, there are people from both nations. In reality, however, it is not only these two nations … Read more

About The “anak dalam” Tribe

About The “anak dalam” Tribe

Tribe “anak dalam” – Indonesia’s diversity is reflected in the diversity of nations and cultures spread across the islands. Not only the citizens with a modern way of life, at present, in several places in Indonesia there are still ancient tribes. One of them is Tribe “anak dalam” or also called the “Suku Kubu“on the … Read more

Aceh Tribe And Culture

Aceh Tribe

Cuorerosanero – Aceh Tribe is a nation with a long history in the past. The term Aceh Tribe refers to the Acehnese natives living in the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam region, a coastal province north of Sumatra. Aceh Tribe Most people are Muslim and have a variety of cultural backgrounds. The held traditions are full of … Read more

7 Types Of Papuan Tribes

7 types of Papuan tribes

Papuan tribes – Papua is an island in the eastern part of Indonesia. Papua was formerly called West Irian or Irian Jaya. There are many diverse Papuan tribes there. About hundreds of tribes are there. Apart from the many ethnic groups living in Papua, Papua is also famous for its natural treasures hidden in it. … Read more